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DHA26-2018: Appointment of a service provider for the improvement of infrastructure at Ports of Entry through the supply, erection and installation of pre-fabricated structures and containers for office and residential purposes for a period of three (3) years.

CLOSING DATE: 30 November 2018


 DHA23: Appointment of a service provider to provide wellness services to the Department of Home Affairs officials across all provinces, including Head Office for a period of three (3) years -2018

CLOSING DATE: 26 October 2018

INVITATION TO BID - DHA23-2018  (1.1 MB)
General Conditions of Contract- July 2011  (79 KB)

DHA24-2018:  Appointment of a service provider for the transportation of illegal immigrants by road for deportation to their countries of origin for a period of three (3) years.

CLOSING DATE: 26 October 2018

INVITATION TO BID - DHA24-2018  (1.1 MB)
General Conditions of Contract- July 2011  (79 KB)

DHA25-2018: Appointment of a panel of internal audit services and risk management services for a period of three (3) years.

CLOSING DATE: 26 October 2018 








  1. On 29 March and 01 April 2018, the Department of Home Affairs ("Department") invited interested legal entities, with the relevant competencies, capacity and experience to submit Responses to be selected as Pre-qualified Bidders for the Redevelopment of six Ports of Entry through a PPP ("Project"). The Project entails the design, redevelopment, finance, construction, maintenance, broadband connectivity and potential staff housing at six of the South Africa’s largest land ports of entry through a PPP process.
  2. On 20, 22 and 23 April 2018, the Department issued a supplementary advertisement, primarily advising interested legal entities, that the:
    • Department had elected to no longer charge a bid document fee of R50 000,00 (fifty thousand Rand), to interested legal entities wishing to access the RFQ Document.
    • RFQ Document could be downloaded for free from the Department of Home Affairs’ website at from the National Treasury eTender Publication Portal at
  3. On the initial and supplementary advertisements, the Department had indicated that the submission date for Responses was 11 May 2018 at 11h00 ("Response Submission Date").
  4. The Department has received a number of requests for extension of the Response Submission Date and has decided to grant an extension to the Response Submission Date.  The Department, therefore wishes to bring to the attention ofall interested parties that the Response Submission Date has been extended to 31 May 2018 at 11h00.
  5. Details on the format of the Responses and submission requirements are contained in the RFQ.
  6. Sealed documents marked “RFQ NO: DHA06-2018 REQUEST FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION ("RFQ") REDEVELOPMENT OF SIX PORTS OF ENTRY THROUGH A PUBLIC PRIVATE PARNTERHIP ("PPP")” must be submitted at the Department of Home Affairs, 230 Johannes Ramokhoase Street, Hallmark Building. 
The Tender Documents are as follows: (click to download the pdfs)
Part B Qualification Criteria & Response forms *This document was recently uploaded. The RfQ documents remain unchanged
RFQ - Questions and Answers 17 - 22 *This document was recently uploaded. 
RFQ - BRIEFING NOTES 001*This document was recently uploaded. 

*Bidders should ensure that bids are delivered on time to the correct address. If the bid is late, it will not be accepted for consideration 

Please ensure that you print all the pages and that you include all the pages in your submission.

To register as a supplier on our supplier database>>> CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD the registration forms <<<