In line with the contents of the settlement agreement signed between the Department of Home Affairs and workers Unions on 15 June 2017, arrangements have now been made to operationalise the voluntary work on Saturdays. This comes after a meeting between the Department, PSA, Nehawu, and Nupsaw today, 23 June 2017 to ensure that the Saturday work is properly managed at our offices on Saturday, 24 June 2017 going forward.

The Unions have committed to encourage their members to avail themselves to work on Saturdays as per the settlement agreement. The Department remains committed to provide quality services to the public and call upon the Unions to continue to support us in this regard.

However, despite all the efforts taken and the goodwill shown by the Unions, the Department would still like to caution the public that some of our offices may not operate at anticipated capacity this Saturday.

The Department would also like to appreciate the affected Unions’ goodwill and efforts they are taking to ensure that we continue providing quality services to you, our clients.

Issued by the Department of Home Affairs