The Home Affairs Bulletin is intended to broadcast updates on the volumes being experienced at the various Home Affairs offices in the Cape Metro area twice a day- during the mid-morning show at 09h30 and an updated status during midday at 12h30 on local and community radio stations.

This will communicate real time information to our clients who need to access our services. This will take the format of the familiar traffic report which enables motorists to reroute away from congested roads. Likewise at this time of the year our offices experience huge volumes. Inevitably people prefer to use the offices that they are familiar with and are not informed of the waiting times when making their selection.

With this Home Affairs bulletin our clients will be kept informed of offices that are experiencing high volumes and can then exercise their discretion as to which of our offices in the Cape Metro area to visit for the most efficient experience possible at any given time. 

The morning bulletin will give clients an update on the system functionality and client volumes whilst the afternoon report is intended to alert clients on approximate waiting times in the queues.

In addition, the updates will be available on the Department’s website through a ticker tape platform.

“The success of this initiative in the Cape Metro will chart a way for the national rollout in all Metros where partnerships with media partners will be developed in pursuit of a better service for our clients,”

concluded Deputy Minister Chohan.